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swift testing as a service
  • SWIFT Testing

    Above all else, we are a service-orientated company with a passion for testing. Our SWIFT testing initiative is aimed at interacting with other SWIFT professionals across the globe to establish a truly global community of SWIFT testing specialists.
  • SWIFT Testing as a Service (TaaS)

    SWIFT Testing as a Service is a Test Ecosystem where people, test methods and test tools synergise to deliver a mutually desired outcome. This approach represents a shift away from traditional testing models and allows for higher levels of efficiency.
  • SWIFT Tools

    Our Toolbox is made up of a set of SWIFT messaging test tools designed to add maximum value to your SWIFT project.
  • Test Harness

    The purpose of the Test Harness is to optimize SWIFT message testing through the use of automated testing tools. Our Test Harness is made up of 2 distinct products: Message Runner and STEPs. These tools ensure that changes to your SWIFT code can be easily and comprehensively tested.
  • SWIFT Analysis

    We assess your SWIFT project to structure the most effective SWIFT testing strategy to suit your needs, determine what test requirements are relevant to you, and ensure proper defect management and reporting throughout the lifecycle of the SWIFT project.
  • SWIFT Messages

    To ensure that comprehensive testing of SWIFT messages occurs, testing may have to extend across the spectrum of different SWIFT message types, SWIFT message formats as well as message routing.
  • The Complete Solution

    Our complete solution is designed to take the burden of testing the SWIFT annual upgrade Upgrade off your hands. Allows us to provide you with a comprehensive service to test your SWIFT project.
  • SWIFT Resources

    We pride ourselves on delivering only the best SWIFT testing resources to your SWIFT Project, these being made up of the high caliber people that make up our SWIFT testing teams, our wealth of SWIFT experience and our pre-defined SWIFT test ideas.