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Test Harness

The purpose of the Test Harness is to optimize SWIFT message testing through the use of automated testing tools. Our Test Harness is made up of 2 distinct products: Message Runner and S-TEP. These tools ensure that changes to your SWIFT code can be easily and comprehensively tested.

Message Runner

  • The Message Runner is an intelligent system that enables data driven SWIFT message testing to and from your systems.
  • It provides the capability to send SWIFT test messages without the usual dependency on up- and down-stream applications.
  • Message Runner allows you to capture messages from queues such as IBM MQ; JMS; TIBCO; IBM CICS etc
  • Use Message Runner to validate routing for messages to and from the systems-under-test.
  • Compare messages. Compare actual messages to expected messages (existing or Golden Messages).
  • Analyse results and generate associated test reports.
  • In summary, it is a tool that empowers us to automate our SWIFT test messages for rapid deployment and execution.

How does Message Runner benefit you?

  • The presence of our Message Runner allows for the application to be tested in isolation from upstream and down-stream applications.
  • This reduces project influence by the activities of other projects. Typically 3rd party systems are shared with other projects.
  • No effect on the testing when supporting systems are not available or if they are not in sync with the system under test. Testing will continue!
  • There is a huge time reduction in generating the required data to test with as you are no longer dependant on obtaining data from upstream systems.
  • Flexibility in creating different test scenarios. A Test Scenario is created from a spreadsheet.
  • Ability to rerun the suite of SWIFT messages at any point in time, which is especially useful for regression test runs.

S-TEPs (SWIFT message Test Enablement Platform)

  • S-TEP is a GUI based tester workbench that allows you to test a SWIFT message at tag level. It enables exploratory testing (positive and negative).
  • During SWIFT message testing it allows you to specify optional values, i.e. add or remove blocks or sequences in a SWIFT message.
  • S-TEP allows you to build up a library of tests which can be executed in an automated fashion.
  • It facilitates the testing of validation rules, routing rules, transformation rules and message pairs.
  • The edit capability gives you the freedom to make changes to the SWIFT message when testing existing business critical messages.
  • Create any SWIFT message you desire from a template or create it manually.
  • Put in any data you desire into a SWIFT message (existing or new message).


Message runner

The Message Runner is an intelligent system that enables data driven SWIFT message testing to and from your systems.

How does S-TEP benefit you?

Exploratory testing! “Make your ideas happen!”

You are not dependent on systems under construction to test existing systems.

Gives you flexibility in your test approach.

Enjoy flexibility in the execution of your test ideas.

Speeds up the creation of test messages.

The ability to define tests at tag level facilitates more comprehensive testing. Less risk to your business.

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