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Our Toolbox is made up of a set of SWIFT messaging test tools designed to add maximum value to your SWIFT project. This set is made up of the following components:

  • Automated Regression Testing

     We have the capability to record and playback SWIFT messages with data changes. SWIFT test messages are easily repeatable and quick to execute.

  • Test Requirements and Test ideas

    Our extensive database of the entire range of SWIFT annual upgrade changes are pre-defined as test requirements with associated test ideas. These appear in the form of test cases with test messages, and encompass both Positive and Negative SWIFT tests.

  • SWIFT Quickstart Handbook

    The SWIFT Quickstart Handbook is a training tool that is used as part of our training program to prepare SWIFT resources for SWIFT testing. This allows test resources to be deployed to a SWIFT project with a prior understanding of the SWIFT environment and how to create test cases for SWIFT messages.

  • Golden Test Messages

    These are reference templates for a wide range of SWIFT message types (e.g.MT300, MT103 etc) with pre-populated sample data. They are ready for customisation and use in your regression test pack or as a basis for exploratory testing. They may also be used for comparative purposes to validate testing that has already been done.

  • SWIFT Testing Experience

    Our years of collective experience ensure that our SWIFT Test Teams are well supported throughout the lifecycle of the SWIFT project in terms of skill, knowledge and experience.

  • SWIFT message Testing Exploratory Platform

    It makes sense to use a SWIFT tool to facilitate exploratory testing. STEPs makes us more efficient at investigating those “funny situations” that always crop up in a project. It also gives us greater coverage when negative testing. A very useful tool in testing message routing

  • "Things That We know"

    We have completed a pre-analysis based on prior experience. Using these “Things That We Know” we can adapt our SWIFT test approach to your situation context.

  • SWIFT QTP Framework

    Our SWIFT QTP Framework is a keyword driven approach to automating user interfaces. This can be used to create workflows, test data and regression tests rapidly.

How do our SWIFT Tools benefit you?

  • Our SWIFT tools will save you time in the creation and execution of tests.
  • Deeper levels of exploratory testing will improve quality assurance levels of your SWIFT project. This reduces risk of SWIFT system downtime once you go to market.
  • Our collective SWIFT experience translates into a support structure that allows for faster resolution of issues.
  • No lag time in determining SWIFT test cases as they already exist! 


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