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The Complete SWIFT Testing Solution

Our complete solution is designed to take the burden of testing the SWIFT Annual Upgrade off your hands. Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive service, from providing SWIFT test resources to defining SWIFT test strategy and SWIFT test case creation. We will use our experienced SWIFT testing teams to execute functional, regression and exploratory testing across the entire range of required SWIFT message types. Here is a summary of what our complete SWIFT solution has to offer you:

  • SWIFT Resources

    Let us supply you with efficient SWIFT Testing Teams made up of our highly capable people, and supported with our in-house SWIFT resources.

  • Project Documentation Analysis

    Using our SWIFT knowledge and experience, we can assist you to determine the scope of the test effort and derive a Test Strategy suited to your project.

  • SWIFT Test Requirements

    Our SWIFT Oracle and SWIFT Message Tank Files allow us to apply our suite of pre-defined test cases to your SWIFT project. Existing test messages are populated with data relevant to test your SWIFT environment.

  • Test Planning and Design

    Our SWIFT test cases will address specific focus areas like SWIFT message structure, SWIFT message format, SWIFT message routing and message transformation rules.

  • Test Execution

    Our comprehensive test approach will encompass Functional Testing, Regression Testing and Exploratory Testing.

  • Defect Management and Reporting

    Keeping track of what went wrong during SWIFT testing, monitoring the fixing of these defects, and reporting to stakeholders on a continuous basis.


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Complete solution

How does our Complete Solution benefit you?

Let us handle the testing of your SWIFT Project. Shift the burden of testing your SWIFT annual upgrade to our dedicated teams of SWIFT testers.

Centralised SWIFT annual upgrade Test Cases – test cases will now be easy to manage and execute. Simplify your test environment!

Automated Regression Tests will result in time and cost savings.

Repeatability of tests – tests messages created using the SWIFT Oracle are recorded by the Message Runner once passed through the test environment. These SWIFT test messages may then be replayed by Message Runner repeatedly.

Save time with our unique Test approach.

Optimise your SWIFT project costs.

Tangible results in terms of test results and defects - more defects than average, through our exploratory testing philosophy.

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