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swift testing as a service

SWIFT Testing as a Service (TaaS)

SWIFT Testing as a Service is a Test Ecosystem where people, test methods and test tools synergise to deliver a mutually desired outcome.

Test Ecosystem

  • This approach represents a shift away from traditional testing models and allows for higher levels of efficiency supported by cloud- based testing techniques.
  • It refers to the sharing of key elements; i.e. shared SWIFT resources (people and computing power), shared information and shared software.
  • Think of it as a simplified single point of interaction with a test cloud instead of multi-layered dependencies.



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Testing as a service


MtoM’s SWIFT testing as a Service may be used only when required.

You pay per unit of service, instead of indiscriminate resource time.

This approach provides for high flexibility and choice.

Shared resources translate into higher efficiency levels within your SWIFT project.

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