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SWIFT Messages

To ensure that comprehensive testing of SWIFT messages occurs, testing may have to extend across the spectrum of different SWIFT message types, SWIFT message formats as well as message routing.

SWIFT Test Planning and Design

It’s all about WHAT to test and HOW to test it.

  • SWIFT Message Structure

    This involves testing the actual structure of your SWIFT message to ensure that it complies with SWIFT standards.

  • SWIFT Message Routing

    This focuses on testing the routing of your SWIFT message through your SWIFT environment and validating both message transmission and response to the SWIFT message.

  • SWIFT Message Transformation Rules

    Test your transformation rules by validating the conversion of SWIFT message formats between different environments, as well as the conversion of field values in a SWIFT message passed between different systems.

  • SWIFT Message Format

    This is the validation of field formats and field content within SWIFT messages to ensure compliance with SWIFT standards.

How does our approach to Test Design benefit you?

  • Test cases relevant to your environment.
  • Peace of mind due to our comprehensive approach to SWIFT testing.

SWIFT Test Execution

  • Functional Testing

    This refers to the execution of pre-defined and customisable test messages specific to the SWIFT annual upgrade and also involves the analysis of the results of these test messages.

  • Regression Testing

    • Testing of existing business critical SWIFT messages to and from participating systems
    • Use of the Message Runner allows us to repeat the regression suite of tests as many times as is required with minimal user input.
    • We can convert your existing manual regression test cases into automated test messages that may be executed rapidly using our SWIFT QTP Framework.
  • Exploratory testing

    This is our flexible test approach to investigate non-standard conditions and forms part of negative testing. This is facilitated through the use of STEPs.


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SWIFT messages

How does our approach to SWIFT test execution benefit you?

Ensure that the SWIFT annual upgrade changes have been correctly applied to your SWIFT environment.

Have confidence that your day to day business critical SWIFT messages will continue to function correctly. No disruption to your profit streams.

Faster exploratory testing through STEPs reduces the risk of uncovering defects later on whilst in Production. Reduce the risk of penalties or business interruption.

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