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SWIFT Analysis

We assess your SWIFT project to structure the most effective SWIFT testing strategy to suit your needs, determine what test requirements are relevant to you, and ensure proper defect management and reporting throughout the lifecycle of the SWIFT project.

Project Documentation Analysis

  • SWIFT Changes - "We know what is changing"

     We have analysed the SWIFT Manual and have created testing ideas to address the SWIFT changes being introduced.

  • Test Strategy

    Our understanding of the SWIFT Annual Upgrade changes will allow us to tailor-make a Test Strategy to suit your project.

  • SWIFT Project Scope

    Let us assist you in understanding which of your systems is affected by the SWIFT annual upgrade changes and which systems should be included in the scope of testing for your SWIFT project.

SWIFT Test Requirements

  • SWIFT Oracle

    Apply our suite of pre-defined SWIFT test cases to your SWIFT project. MtoM has compiled an extensive database of predefined test cases based on previous years’ SWIFT implementations. This database is packaged along with the changes for the current SWIFT Annual upgrade (as defined in the SWIFT Manual), resulting in a comprehensive library of tests. The library is structured as test requirements with associated test ideas. Easy to use, these test cases are coupled with SWIFT test messages, and cater for both Positive and Negative SWIFT tests.

  • SWIFT Message Tank File

    Our SWIFT Message Tank File are a set of ready-to-use test SWIFT message templates with pre-populated data. These are fully customisable to allow for use in your unique environment.

  • SWIFT Manual

    Customise our existing SWIFT test messages and populate them with data relevant to your SWIFT project. These may be used to test the SWIFT changes as specified in the SWIFT Handbook (SWIFT Manual).

Defect Management and Reporting

  • We will track defects and partner with your Development team to ensure resolution of these SWIFT defects.
  • Comprehensive reporting throughout the Test Cycle will enable stakeholders to effectively manage costs and expectations on your SWIFT project.


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How does our SWIFT Analysis benefit you?

Manage your SWIFT project! More accurate planning for project budgets and timelines.

Get buy-in from all stakeholders during the project due to a pre-defined and agreed upon project scope.

How does our approach to SWIFT Test Requirements benefit you?

No lag time in determining SWIFT test cases as they already exist!

The Test Execution phase may commence earlier due to the Test Creation phase being completed before the project commences.

Less risk of defects introduced into production

Quicker project delivery times!

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