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TLC certification launches new SWIFT message certification program with MtoM

TLC provides independent certifications of standardised electronic messages that are utilized within global financial services organisations. TLC's objective is to provide standardized electronic tests of recognized global industry message standards resulting in complete coverage of the transaction lifecycle from front to back for all types of financial products, financial institutions and vendors

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How Important are Standards?

Mankind has always struggled to agree on the best way to do certain key tasks. This is the origin of society itself - every culture that has ever existed has at its heart a shared set of standards by which it lives and through which it interacts with the world around it.

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Why SWIFT Standards?

Why do we standardize something? What is the point? The word “to standardize something” implies a certain sense of commonality. Something which has been standardized shares the same features and attributes. It simplifies usage.

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SWIFT Testing White Pages

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