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About us

The SWIFTtesting initiative is brought to you by Micro to Mainframe (MtoM), a leading player in the Global software industry for over two decades.

We are, above all else, a service-oriented company who believe we can offer great service because we keep our staff happy. Where most companies outsource their resources, all of ours are permanently employed by MtoM. You see, we believe our ‘business is people’ and that this approach is fundamental in talent retention.

We understand IT projects and environments, and our pool of experience extends across  a whole range of resources from specialist testers, test analysts, project managers, business analysts and developers -We’re passionate about the entire process of testing. So much so that we regularly send our key resources to local and international testing conferences and contribute to the international testing fraternity.

Perpetually learning
Though we have an extensive Knowledge Management system and database that our resources can tap into, we encourage them to publish white papers, keep software testing blogs and share new ideas and lessons learned along the way.

Through our Mentor to Mastery division, we enhance our resources’ skills with our Competency Development Programme (CDP), which serves to formalise MtoM’s learning culture through training, coaching, and mentoring.

Our SWIFTtesting initiative is aimed at interacting with other testing professionals working in SWIFT environments. We wish to connect with our peers across the globe, irrespective of country or company, and to stimulate dialogue around common experiences in testing SWIFT.

It is our belief that through this collaboration and knowledge sharing, we can establish a truly global community of SWIFT testing specialists.

Please feel free to make use of our forum, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn sites to discuss anything related to SWIFT testing.
We would love to hear your story.

Testing is our passion

Our staff members are encouraged to publish white papers, keep software testing blogs and share new ideas and lessons learned in a structured manner.